Global Solutions Provider. Global Access Solutions Inc. (GAS Inc.) has been providing 35 years of seamless and transparent transportation, communications, media, environmental and import/exporting solutions to both domestic and international clients. Global Access Solutions Inc also has been finding the right buyers for pre-owned aircraft, the best terms for new aircraft buyers, and the best deals for aircraft sellers. Gas inc services also include custom aircraft solutions such as the guarantee that the aircraft you buy meets aircraft exacting standards for quality, maintenance, capability and performance. We identify sales opportunities for our U.S. clients and handle all their exporting requirements. In addition, we identify demands for U.S. manufactured products within the international market while fulfilling environmental and economical demands at competitive prices. GAS Inc., provides solutions for the well-being and growth of populations while being environmentally responsible and ready. GAS Inc., not only provides economical growth opportunities via facilitation of importing and exporting products, but also saves lives and increases the quality of life with the expansion of environmental disaster prevention products. What sets GAS Inc. apart from others is our access to in-house communication tools via the Global Access Solutions Inc., media capabilities and partnerships. With certain international freight forwarders gives us the advantage to deliver products worldwide. We focus primarily on U.S. manufactured products and as well as various other commodities relating to infrastructure development.

Mission. To provide a seamless and transparent one-stop-shop for all communications, media, environmental, and import/exporting needs for U.S. manufacturers and international importers. Our focus is to provide a competitive pricing structure to ensure a mutually beneficial relationship.

Philosophy. The executive management, ownership and import export consultants GAS Inc., are minority business owners with U.S. citizenship. Enhancing the export/import relationship between the U.S. and other entities is the primary goal of the organization. With employees of both U.S. and international backgrounds, GAS Inc., has a wealth of business knowledge specific to various geographical areas. The GAS Inc., consultant team is comprised of individuals with educational and practical business experience gained from government agencies, multinational companies and global firms dealing with various international transactions.

Based on our team’s experience and understanding of both the demand side of the population specific to imports and supply side of U.S. products, our import/export management company has developed an international export organization that satisfies all participants involved in the international trade transaction. The three elements required for completing a successful trade, focus on not only identifying the demands and products, but just as important to the process is the freight forwarding element. Bridging the gap between the U.S. manufacturers/suppliers and the international distributors/importers, as well as developing a seamless and transparent transportation system, is key to the total export success. This structure is the core philosophy behind the operational strategy of GAS Inc., which differentiates our process from other international export organizations.